My Hiatus…

Hey everybody, usually when I write posts, I’m happy, I look forward to posting them, I love writing them, this one, not so much.

I’ve mentioned taking a hiatus before, but when I thought about taking a hiatus, I always thought I could tough it out through 2018 and then not post until June 2019 when I graduate. I can’t tough it through 2018 anymore.

I haven’t written a post in a week and every time when I think about writing one, I don’t look forward to it. It feels like something that I have to check off my to do list. So, instead of totally burning out and not enjoying blogging, I’m starting my hiatus earlier.

But, I will have prewritten posts going up on Mondays. For the past 43 weeks, I have posted a book review every Monday. I already have the reviews written up, except for a couple, so I’m just going to be posting them. To be honest, you don’t even have to read them if you don’t want to, I’m low-key deleting the app after I’m posting this. I feel super guilty about never having time to post and then I feel even more guilty because I never have time to read other people’s posts. Usually I read them in the subway, but now I always have to revise things for school or play games in the subway because I have so little free time. Me posting the reviews is really more for me, to be able to say that I posted every Monday for a year, but I can’t do the rest anymore.

I’m really upset that I have to start the hiatus so early, school is just a lot and I can’t deal with the guilt from my blog anymore. I still love my blog, but I think this break is something that I desperately need.

The one thing I’m 100% sure about is that I’m coming back. Of course I will, I love my blog to shreds, I love interacting with other bloggers, but right now I just need a break. I don’t know when exactly I’m coming back, if it’s going to be mid-June or end June, I just know that in the summer 2019 I will be back.

‘Till Summer 2019 my friends, can’t wait to see you again.


One thought on “My Hiatus…

  1. bookspoppingin says:

    Hi! Take all the time that you need, we will be waiting for you. Sometimes it’s good to take a break in order to come back stronger. Wish you all the best.

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